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As of the 9th August 2015, eProfiling has migrated all qualification into a single database. This means that everyone will now log into the same place regardless of the qualification that you are enrolled into.
Consequently this means that all the new features for our larger qualifications are now available for all qualifications (such as the phone apps). However, this also means that some user names may have had to be updated.
The following qualifications were migrated:
  • UEE30507 - Certificate III in Appliance Servicing
  • UEE30607 - Certificate III in Electrical Machine Repair
  • UEE30707 - Certificate III in Switchgear and Control Gear
  • UEE30807 - (OTSR) - Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician
  • UEE31207 - Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control
  • UET30406 - Certificate III in ESI - Cable Jointing
  • UET40209 - Certificate IV in ESI – Substation
  • UET50109 - Diploma of ESI - Power Systems
  • UET60109 - Advanced Diploma of ESI - Power Systems
  • UTE31199 - Certificate III in Electrotechnology Systems Electrician
If you are enrolled in one of these qualifications you should have received an email with your new login details. Should this not have occurred please contact us on 1300 477 808.