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eProfiling Satisfies National Audit 

eProfiling recently participated in a national audit on workplace evidence gathering tools undertaken the Electrotechnology Energy Advisory Board on behalf of EE-Oz training standards. We have been advised that the eProfiling suite of products satisfy the audit outcomes.


Queensland Training Quality Branch Statement Regarding eProfiling

Training and International Quality’s auditors will recognise eProfiling, a workplace skills monitoring tool, as contributing towards meeting a supervising registered training organisation’s (SRTO) compliance obligations.


EE-Oz Training Standards supports eProfiling

eProfiling has worked very closely with EE-Oz Training Standards and the Electrotechnology industry to ensure that the information recorded by eProfiling meets the requirements of the training package and associated industry requirements. EE-Oz Training standards has issued a letter of support that outlines this. A scanned copy of this letter can be found here (167Kb PDF).



Industry Endorsed

eProfiling is the only industry-supported national system of gathering evidence and replaces poor evidence gathering tools. It is also the best profiling tool on the market that captures evidence against the units of competency in the Electrotechnology Training Package.



Best Practice

Used by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) such as TAFE or Industry Skill Centres, in partnership with employers, the process of profiling formally tracks a learner’s competency development towards a national qualification.

eProfiling provides a best-practice web-based tool that allows the accurate reporting of the tasks apprentices and existing workers undertake in the workplace – eliminating the need for unwieldy and time-consuming paper-based logbooks.




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